Hi! We are Lukas and Monika Marčiulaičiai – family, coffee, travel and adventure loving husband and wife and a portrait and fine art photography, commercial and wedding filmmaking team representing Monamarco brand based in Lithuania. We have been learning photography and videography at Shawacademy, 70’s fotomokykla and at Kaunas college.

Monamarco can create from luxury shining photo shoots to rustic style cozy family or couples photoshoot outside. For business clients we can even offer image creation and advertising services. Business portraits, photography of products or services.

Monika is especially creative photographer. Graduated from art school so she likes Fine Art photography, personal photo sessions, beauty and details. 

She loves to be in the center of the camera, constantly delves into the subtleties of posing so she will help you to feel comfortable in front of the camera, discover the as yet unseen side of your personalities, relax and enjoy the creative process of the photo session.


Monika Marčiulaitienė - Photographer


Lukas Marčiulaitis - Videography

Despite photography and videography, we are in love with the life, with each other and with our job. Our life is full of activities, adventures, joy and laughter. We have passion for innovative technologies such as unicycles or electric skateboards! Especially Lukas is a technical guy.

He knows everything about cameras, technologies, he loves action, trips and is a good teacher. He teaches privately (and had taught in college), how to use “Photoshop” and other necessary software.

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